From 2016, in the premises of Kavouri Tennis Club, the Athletic Club of Kavouri Vouliagmeni (AOAK) is providing the possibility of issuing an athlete’s card to those who wish to play in a more competitive environment.

In order to meet the tennis learning requirements, programs have been created for all levels, starting from the age of 3 up to the age of 18, as well as for adults. You can, therefore, choose according to your wishes one of the following classes, by our experienced and recognized by EFOA (Greek Tennis Federation) coaches:

  • Mini tennis (from 4 years to 6 years). With toys, tennis exercises and the right equipment (mini nets, red balls), children can practice and develop their skills, as well as become familiar with the sport.
  • Classes for all ages. Group lessons (group of 4-6 people), for total improvement, physical condition and and also to have fun!
  • Competition team for all ages. Development of the athlete's skills by participating in tournaments both in Greece and abroad, with the aim of developing the athlete's skills, perfecting their technique and improving their physical condition.
  • Personal training (for all ages). Learning and evolving the techniques and tactics of the sport in individual hourly lessons.
  • Fitness training program (for all ages).Group training programs focus on the muscles used the most during the practice of tennis but also on fat burning and body sculpting.